My name is Emily Rednour I am the director and owner of The Curious Caterpillars Learning Center. I am a mom to four children, 3 daughters Jordan, Miley, and Taelor and one son named Rowen. My husband Travis and I became owners of this center in December of 2021. My background is in psychology where I spent many years working with children. My passion has always been surrounded with children and education. I also spend time in each classroom daily, observing staff and children so that we are able to maintain best practices. All children in the center, infant- age five, experience the curriculum under a mix of some modern and traditional play along with the Curiosity Approach. Elinor Goldschmeid, a psychologist, developed the term 'Heuristic Play' in the early 1980's. Heuristic play describes the activity of babies and children as they play with and explore the properties of 'objects'. These 'objects' are things from the real world. These items not only look beautiful, but they're full of textures, different weights, natural materials providing a sensory sensation for your younger children to handle, feel, explore and discover. Pinterest has a wonderful page full of related spaces if you'd like to see what that looks like.

Children ages two to four participate in an assessment tool to help to measure developmental progress. This is also a great assessment tool for those who are heading into kindergarten as it can provide some significant information for teachers to right fit your child to their class. It is also a great tool to provide at a well child check or to just have on hand. These assessments allow you to work with kiddos on areas they need to be challenged or supported in while at home. Teachers will use assessments often, so they are able to provide the best support or context for a child in their goals. Children under the age of two will be assessed using a DHHS supported collection tool that provides a milestone progress report.

Our staff are experienced and hold or are obtaining early learning teaching certifications or CDA's. Our center has officially obtained a Quality Two Rating through the Maine Quality Rating system.

Our center offers many other great things, but this letter is a way to introduce you and help answer any immediate questions you may have. The next step is to complete an enrollment application, set up a date for an enrollment interview, which includes a tour and to answer any questions you may have that have not been covered here. Our enrollment tour helps us determine if enrolling families are a good fit for our center, our families and if we are a good fit for your family. We believe that not every center is right for every family and view our families are just that, families and not numbers, so this is an important process. The current tuition rate is as follows per week:

6 weeks 16 months is $300
16 months through 3 years is $300
4 years to school age is $300

Emily Rednour